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Uganda is filled with so many amazing opportunities for anyone looking to make a difference in the lives of others. Each of the programs listed below offers multiple opportunities for you to find the best experience where you can build friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime Uganda is one of the friendliest nations you can visit in Africa – and even the world – with their wonderful hospitality making it one of the best tourist destinations according to lonely planet just a few years ago. And if the hospitality isn’t enough to rope you in, Uganda is also known for amazing food and incredible wildlife. Despite Uganda’s beauty, it is also needs your humanitarian contribution. More than half of Uganda’s citizens are under the age of 14 and the remaining majority is below the age of 30 and as a result, there is a great need for volunteers like you to help with basic needs, mentoring, spiritual upbringing and many other aspects of livelihood. You can be there to help support and contribute to community centres and schools to provide educational and vocational training opportunities. You can volunteer to teach English and other subjects such as math, social sciences, physical education, and basic health both to children and to adults. And you can provide basic childcare and other support services to young parents and within community centres caring for children in need. In Uganda, there’s so much you can do as a volunteer to improve the quality of life for even one person. You will be welcomed as a friend, and you will leave as family.

Hope south safaris was established with the chief goal of supporting orphans, Batwa and other vulnerable children. Conservation pressure in early 1990s caused the Batwa who were originally forest keepers to be kicked out of the forest in favor of mountain Gorillas making them homeless this together with the myth by other tribes that sleeping with Batwa women cures AIDS leaves the Batwa devastated and often with children they are unable to care for. By travelling with hope south safaris you are giving hope and support to the vulnerable children, orphans and Batwa community, through various programs that aim at making life better for these wonderful groups of people.

Life Changing Volunteer Opportunities in Rural Uganda

Hope south safaris provides affordable volunteer placements for travellers who want to make a difference in Uganda, you’re sure to find an amazing opportunity that will let you explore the Uganda’s beauty and make a positive change wherever you go. In Uganda, hope south safaris offers several different volunteer placements, including teaching, child care, medical care, sports coaching, HIV/AIDS support, and women’s education. And as one of the most affordable volunteer organizations in the region, your first week in Uganda with hope south safaris starts from only $270-$360. No matter which program you sign up for with Hope South Safaris in Uganda, you’ll live in a self-contained room in the same place with your fellow volunteers or sometimes different locations depending on the placement, have three meals per day, and have lots of time to explore rural Uganda and learn more about the amazing community you’ll live in.

Medical care Extension

Local clinics are low on resources and staff – so as a volunteer, your assistance is needed and cherished. You will work alongside doctors and nurses to take on a variety of cases depending on your level of experience. To apply, you must have completed at least two years of nursing or medical school, or be a fully qualified nurse or doctor. Your volunteer opportunities through Hope South Safaris medical program in Uganda can include maternity, paediatrics, geriatrics, laboratory, pharmacy, cancer screening, family planning, immunizations, de-worming, general medicine, gynaecology, dentistry, and HIV/AIDS. In addition, you will have the chance to participate in community outreach and other work at least once a week – a great way to learn more about the people you’ll support, and their culture and needs.

Sanitation & General Heath Promotion

Through this placement, you will help to promote health awareness in rural communities, promote public health projects, and help with general health education. In Uganda, diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and syphilis are common, though there are simple steps communities can take to mitigate their prevalence – as a volunteer, you’ll help to develop our health promotion program, immerse yourself within the village you’ll work, teach in a local school, and help with other community initiatives. If you have background experience in healthcare or medical care, you can also help with counselling, prevention programs, liaising with other groups engaged in public health activities, and much more.

Housing Construction & Community Development

One of Our many volunteer opportunities you should check out is the construction and community development placement, As a volunteer, you’ll team up with local workers and fellow volunteers to give local buildings a new, fresh look, and assist with construction and site preparation projects. A few of your tasks can include demolition, digging, clearing rubble, bricklaying, plumbing, and carpentry. In addition, you’ll have the amazing opportunity to work within the community through business training, micro-financing training and support for women’s groups, environmental conservation, sanitation, and other developmental projects. You can expect to work Monday through Friday each week, with weekends free to explore rural Uganda, make new friends, immerse yourself in rural Uganda and get to know your community and other volunteers.

Volunteer Teaching Program

You’ll assist rural local teachers with a wide variety of tasks. Education is one of the best ways for Ugandan students to break the cycle of poverty, and as a volunteer, you can make a difference. A few tasks you’ll be able to take on include: • Helping local teachers with classroom lectures, lesson plans, and activities • Painting murals and taking part in other ways to create awareness of the importance of education • Providing computer training, English teaching, and other lessons • Conducting awareness drives on hygiene, recycling, and more.

Children care & Early childhood education

This program invites you to work with children of all ages in local orphanages by organizing play time, helping with arts and crafts activities, assisting with preparing and serving meals, and teaching hygiene and HIV/AIDS education workshops. If you’re more interested in educating younger children, check out our children’s education program. Through this placement, you’ll work with children between the ages of four and twelve to teach English, math, and other subjects in a local classroom.

Sports & physical education

While you’ll generally follow the school curriculum and teach topics scheduled for that term, you’re also encouraged to introduce new games and activities to the students – and you’re invited to bring equipment along with you to help contribute to the program. In addition to coaching and mentoring, you’ll work alongside teachers to educate your students in math, English, science, or social studies in the classroom.

Women empowerment & Business education

Another way you can help make a positive and lasting change in Uganda is through Hope South Safaris’ women’s education volunteer program, where you’ll help provide women with the necessary tools and skills to be successful in life. Many Ugandan women face challenges from discrimination, low social status, lack of economic self-sufficiency, and a greater risk of HIV/AIDS. Through this placement, you will provide guidance on financial management and other activities such as basket weaving, sewing, tailoring, and jewelry-making so they can achieve a certain level of financial independence through income generation for themselves and for their families.

Conservation of wildlife and Uganda’s natural beauty

If you’re passionate about protecting wildlife and the environment, through this placement, you’ll spend your time tracking and recording activities of conservation and the importance of wildlife to the community as you explore the creation wonders of Uganda.

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