Hope South Safaris is a travel and tours charity firm that specializes in tailor-made and set departure safaris and vacations in Uganda, we boost of the unbeatable experiences and extensive knowledge of the vacation spot and respective tourism sights and we are determined to create special, uniquely customized genuine safari programs that move past the ordinary travel and tours.

We are able to offer a completely unique and customized excursion package that fit both your comfort and your pocket. Whether you need to go for a natural world safari, journey, honeymoon and any other unique events while impacting humanity, our unique travel enthusiasts driven by the desire to give a memorable adventure shall address every need.

Your safari will be tailored only for you, meeting the quality of your interest as well as your budget, we do not direct you where to go but you create your perfect safari with the assistance of our travel professionals. We are an expert and well set up, reliable indigenous travel agency that will throughout the safari, from start to finish; keep you in hands which are secure and experienced.

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