Hope south safaris

Uganda is one of the most endowed and friendliest nations in Africa and the world over but yet among the poorest nations. Hope South Safaris an expert and reliable indigenous travel agency with 8 years of safari experience and wonderful hospitality offers you completely unique and customized travel and tour packages that deliver an awesome unrivalled experience to this amazing destination. We’ve got suitable packages that meet both your interest and your budget meanwhile putting proceeds to charity programs that aim at breaking circles of poverty and creating self-sustaining communities.

Adventure with a Purpose!

Hope south safaris was established with the chief goal of supporting orphans, Batwa and other vulnerable children. Conservation pressure in early 1990s caused the Batwa who were originally forest keepers to be kicked out of the forest in favor of mountain Gorillas making them homeless this together with the myth by other tribes that sleeping with Batwa women cures AIDS leaves the Batwa devastated and often with children they are unable to care for. By travelling with hope south safaris you are giving hope and support to thesemu vulnerable children, orphans and Batwa community, through various programs that aim at making life better for these wonderful groups of people.

Discover Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

No African safari tour is complete without seeing the Mountain Gorillas. Go on gorilla safari in Uganda.

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